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SilvaCarbon is a US technical cooperation program aimed to enhance the capacity of partner governments to measure, monitor, and manage forest and terrestrial carbon. Drawing on the expertise of eight US government (USG) agencies, academia, industry, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), SilvaCarbon assists countries to develop and implement national forest monitoring systems that are robust, transparent, sustainable, and tailored to their particular needs and circumstances. SilvaCarbon builds capacity through hands-on technical training and consultation, targeted workshops at country and regional levels, international study tours, South-South cooperation, and applied research.

SilvaCarbon is global in geographic scope with a focus on high priority tropical forests in the Andean Amazon, Central Africa, Central America, and South and Southeast Asia. The program has engaged 14 countries on a bilateral basis and an additional 11 countries through regional activities.

Bangladesh, a key bilateral country partner, began working with SilvaCarbon in 2014 to collaborate on the development of its national forest monitoring system. The primary agencies and partners supporting SilvaCarbon activities in Bangladesh are the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the University of Maryland (UMD).

The current programmatic focus of SilvaCarbon Bangladesh is to provide technical assistance to the Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD) in the design of a National Forest Inventory (NFI) - a key component of the national forest monitoring system (NFMS). In this regards, SilvaCarbon will provide the Resources Information Management System (RIMS) unit of Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD) with targeted technical assistance for better management, monitoring of forest and forest carbon; also building the capacity of the officers there. This will eventually help Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD) in building a sustainable institutional capacity to adapt and integrate existing and also emerging tools and technologies.

Apply for the SilvaCarbon-NASA Fellowship 2018 program

SilvaCarbon Bangladesh is calling for applications for a six month's research project at NASA and Bangladesh Forest Department Headquarter starting from March 2018. The objectives of the program are to- 1) Build national capacity in Remote Sensing and GIS technology; 2) Generate data sets for the National Forest Monitoring System using remote sensing to measure trees outside of forests and mangroves in Bangladesh, and 3) Provide insight and expertise on Bangladesh to NASA colleagues.

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